OneWorld Consulting Group



Advanced Macintosh Network Design and Implementation

  • Directory Services, LDAP, Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Network Home Folders
  • Advanced Directory Services
  • File Services
  • Cross-platform integration in mixed network environments
  • Workflow consulting
  • Security auditing
  • Internet and network security
    • Fighting spam
    • Preventing/resolving spyware issues
    • Firewall installation and support
    • Avoiding security risks
    • Antivirus techniques and updating
    • Securing the home-based user

Macintosh User / Desktop Support / Software Installations

  • Macintosh consulting for creative groups and Pro Applications
  • Customized hardware setup
  • Configuration of Intel-based Macs. Boot Windows on your Mac!
  • Hardware and software assessment and inventory
  • License auditing

Server Configuration and Implementation

  • Macintosh Servers core-level configurations and installations
  • Implement Directory Services, Open Directory server, LDAP, and integration with management middletier applications (such as OID, Oracle, or Tivoli))
  • Mail server
  • Provide Single Sign-On (SSO) environment on Mac OS X Servers, for both Macintosh and Windows clients
  • Centralized storage management.
    • Xsan implementation
    • RAID configurations

Switching from a PC to a MAC?

  • New to a Mac? Need training and classes? Visit our Classes & Training section.
  • With the new Intel-based Macs, you can run Windows without having the expense of purchasing a PC.
  • We will migrate your existing network to a Mac network, and will recommend and setup your new Macintosh hardware and software.

Macintosh and Network Security

  • We design and implement security measures to protect your valuable data and network resources from unwanted users and outside intruders.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

  • We evaluate and design a disaster recovery and backup solution that is customized to your environment.
  • We create a seamless recovery operation in order to minimize downtime.

Anti-Virus Solutions

  • Anti-virus implementation, which provides a robust solution to Trojan horses, malware, BOT and viruses. Since the new Intel-based Macs are able to run Windows, we take extra measures to continue and provide the Mac's seamless, virtually virus free computing experience.

Service Support Agreements (SSA)

  • Please contact us for our service plans for your business.

Macintosh Classes and Training

  • We offer customized and out-of-the-box training for both home and business users. Visit our Classes & Training section for more information.

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